June 24, 2007

Riding Spice

Photos from today's ride on Spice (thanks to Swifty for taking the pictures).

Riding Silvi

I've recently brought Silvi back into work - although that might be an overstatement, as it's winter she's getting ridden once or twice a week just to start getting back into the swing of things. Nick came out while I rode today and took some photos. Spice and Zak came down to play silly buggers in the paddock beside her which distracted her a bit, but she was (as always) a dude & a nice easy ride. Can't wait to get her out and about again.

Walking around:
A little trot & canter:
And all finished (plus gigantic head Zak):


Made the trek up the back and found some cows today. They had found themselves a sping up there to drink from (and also quite a good track that was easy to walk on). They didn't seem too keen on coming back down to where I'd put hay out for them - but at least I know where they're hanging out now. No more hiding.

And she returns

That runaway pig has returned... she must really like it here or something. Though this time she thought she'd wander right into the house (so we caved, and fed her).