October 23, 2007

More videos

Just put this video of Spice doing Showhunter at Western Hills up on youtube (I think it's a cute round!):

Waikanae PC ODE

Managed to get into the Training class at Waikanae after being on the waitlist for a few days, so I loaded up the horses and headed up there on Sunday (only Spice competing... I took Silvi just in case someone scratched so I could steal their spot - which didn't happen, unfortunately).

Dressage was a bit of a nightmare overall. Our class was running 50 minutes late, and Spice warmed up well, but just got a little uptight in the arena. Still a fairly tidy test though. And she does such a pretty square halt.

Showjumping was a rush back to the truck to change saddles and then over a few practise fences and straight in (due to the late dressage starts). Our round wasn't the tidiest, but Spice was good. She jumped big over one in a line and I had to pull aside and get my stirrups back before continuing. I need some of that saddle glue stuff!

XC was good. We had a few lookies, but she was a real dude with some of the more technical fences.

And the ramp before the water, then into the water:

October 15, 2007

October 14, 2007

Western Hills Spring Show

The sun was out for the whole day at Belmont on Saturday for the Western Hills Spring Show. I took both mares and was very pleased with them. Intending to go eventing next weekend and after that they more than deserve a weekend off!
First class was a 2-phase 1m class in showjumping ring 1. Both went clear in the first round and Silvi did an awesome jumpoff, but clipped a rail in the double when we got our stride wrong. Spice took a few easier corners but went clear and came 5th - which was a great effort as there were at least 40 in the class!
Then I took them both over to the showhunter ring for the circuit - 2 nice clear rounds, but unfortunately no placings for us. I decided then that Silvi was feeling a bit tired so popped her back at the truck then did a late entry in the SJ circuit class on Spice.
Spice did a really nice first round - starting to work each other out a bit more! We were the first to go in the jumpoff and she did some neat corners, but we took the last fence a little too cheaply and just tipped the top rail. She still came 6th though, so gets points on the circuit scoreboard!
Spice in the circuit jumpoff:
Silvi SJ & SH:
Spice doing showhunter:
More of Spice SJ:
Thanks to Swifty for taking some video - hopefully I will get off my bum and upload some rounds online in the near future.

October 08, 2007

Tiritea Annual Jumping Show

Friday night Mum came down with the truck (packed with yummy goodies for the horses), and we unloaded all that so we could head up to Foxton on Saturday. Luckily the weather held out. Crazy wind on the way up and the way back, but at least while riding it was fairly mild. Certainly can't complain.

Took Silvi and Spice in the 90cm which was a speed (TableC) class -and they both hooned around happily, though I mucked up an approach on Silvi. But Spice even picked up a ribbon (2nd! out of 35 horses!).
Heading to the start:

The only jump with fill:

More of Spice:

I only took Silvi in the 1m class - and the guy from Event Photography got some photos of us in that one (Silvi came 2nd as well - and there were something like 43 in the class - so very happy with that result).

First round:


The last class of the day for us was the 1.10m TYOL. The camera didn't want to play nice, so we only got 2 photos with horses in the frame! Both pics are of Spice, and please don't look too close at the 2nd one where I look about to fall off... we got in so close and Spice was such a good girl to climb us out of trouble!

And one last cute one of Silvi with her ribbon: