October 19, 2009

Cancelled, again!

Well - weekends haven't been too fortunate for us just lately. Everything I look at going to is cancelled. Sunday I even managed to drive most of the way to Clareville before finding out the Carterton Spring Carnival was cancelled. That is the 5th show in a row for me!! Stupid weather.

But the horses travelled nicely and probably enjoyed going for a Sunday drive. Took Neo, Gem & Tilly. Tilly loaded & travelled really well, which is good.

Crossing fingers to get to the ESNZ showjumping this coming weekend over in the Wairarapa, and the forecast is looking a bit better too. Also supposed to be finally swapping trucks back so I'll have my big blue one back (yay!).

October 17, 2009

Tilly Arrives

Had a new horse arrive yesterday. 'Tilly' has come to get some experience and exposure out and about (she's already done a bit - including wides in A&P pleasure) - and then she will be looking for a new home. She came off the transporter a bit shell-shocked, but was great for me to have a quick ride on bareback and behaved beautifully while I rugged her up and put her in the paddock.

Today I did my first proper ride on her, through the creek (quite deep today as well). She seems pretty laid back, so should be a fun one to take out to the shows.

This weekend I'd been going to Te Marua today to practise XC (but it got cancelled due to ground conditions), then Waikanae ODT tomorrow (also cancelled due to ground conditions!). So at this stage I'm looking at making the hike up to Clareville for the Carterton Spring Carnival. Probably just take Neo & Gem... and looking at Tilly's mane I might need to pop her on the truck so Mum can pull the mane for me :)

October 12, 2009

Spring Weather

Well hasn't it just been some crazy weather lately. Had 2 shows lined up this weekend just gone - and both were cancelled due to ground conditions! Felt at a bit of a loose end, to be honest. A bit like I haven't been out to any shows in absolutely ages. But I have 2 over in Masterton/Wairarapa at the end of the month which should be good - maybe we'll stike it lucky and get some nice weather for them! The sun is out today, so it's possible (fingers crossed).

I'm also looking at putting Zak & Pippa out on some turnout grazing to free up a bit more space, and shuffling around some of the other horses to make room for some more to come in. Watch this space.

Rainy Days

Kit has gone home, but I will still be popping out there every now & then for a while to check that he is on track. I went out to his place and rode him around the roads and it was windy and rainy and yucky. Certainly made for an interesting ride (rubbish day too - so blown over rubbish bins around the place!).
It's also lamb season, so lots of cute little lambs to watch as well.