July 03, 2013


Ok, this is one of those blog posts (for the 'Liebster award') that has been going around. Thanks to Rebecca for tagging me in - always interesting to learn more about folks. I'm not going to tag anyone in, as I don't really follow any blogs, but I will answer the questions and include 11 random facts about me in case anyone out there in cyberspace is interested.
1.Who was your favourite horse?
Of all time, perhaps "Milton". I also had a huge crush on John Cottle's "Watch Me" when I was a pony rider. Of my own horses I truly don't have a favourite - they have each taught me different things and I've had successes and um 'strong learning!' on so many of them.


Because grey! Also because super jumpers, but I am totally biased towards grey horses and turn into a little kid when I see a grey horse "look, look, horsey!".

3.What person has most affected negatively or positively your attitude towards riding?

My mother, probably.


When things are going badly with her, I don't really enjoy the horses. I guess this comes from growing up in a horsey home and having the 'family unit' and relationships wrapped up in the horses. After a lifetime of that you can't split them apart.

5.What are the three things you couldn't live without?

Internet! Chocolate! I would say horses, but that's not true - I gave up for 3 years when I was doing a lot of travel for work and I didn't die, I just cried a lot and missed it a lot. I still want to say horses though.

6.If you couldn't compete/take part in the discipline you do now, what sort of riding would you do?

If I couldn't showjump... eh, so hard to know! I hate eventing and XC is like the hatepassion of my life - it makes me physically sick. Western, endurance and all that jazz just don't push any buttons for me. I closet-enjoy dressage from time to time but their restrictions on what you can wear piss me right off. Mum being a jockey and father a race trainer, well, that's enough to put me off the racing game for a lifetime. Is there anything left? I can't ride without competing. I love competition. Maybe I'd have to take up showhunter? haha.

7.What is your dream job?

I took a few years off my job in IT to ride horses fulltime. I think it is my dream job - there were days when you hate it of course (in the rain and the mud) but overall it was something I loved doing. But I realised I couldn't do it forever, so now I'm back in an office job. But that's ok, I got a change to do my dream job and many folk never do.

8. If you were given $100,000 tax free what would you buy first?

Pay off debt.

9. Do you like Feijoas?

omg YES

10.When you are all worn out and need a drink, what is it that you drink?

Pinot Noir is my drink of choice for pretty much all occasions, though it's not so ideal in the heat of summer so sometimes I will hit up an overpriced cider or a pina colada! 

11.What are your favourite pair of footwear.

My pink eject boots, or my tretorn riding boots. Anything that looks a little bit different and is comfy!

And 11 random facts about me:
1. I am a very wimpy rider, I'm scared of most everything
2. This winter I grazed the edge of the BMI obese category - while I've never been a skinny minnie, being on the verge of obese was a real wakeup call (& I'm currently trying to fix it)
3. I think it's important to wear matching bra & undies every day - mismatched stuff annoys me for the whole day
4. I've never smoked a cigarette in my life
5. I have a girl-crush on Hello Kitty and all things Hello Kitty
6. I love the colour pink (if you found your way to this blog you probably already know this)
7. I get annoyed when people seem surprised that I drive a truck, as if it's something that chicks can't do?
8. I was terrified of cars till my mid-20s and didn't learn to drive until I was about 26
9. I drink way too many energy drinks, usually the sugarfree ones too which are full of all kinds of chemicals
10. I'm terrified of telephones and I will have to mentally prep, sometimes for an entire day or more, prior to making a voice call
11. When people are really noisy eaters, it makes me want to commit hate crimes against them.