July 28, 2009

Tielcey Park CT July

Sunday was the fourth of the Tielcey Park combined training days (only one more to go). My truck is having some work done, so I was lucky to be able to borrow Mum's truck and load it up with 4 of my lot - and Tab also had Kraka there for me to ride again.
I saddled up Coco first and took her for a walk around. In general she was pretty good - napped a few times when we were near the truck, but aside from that she had quite a lot of other horses and people walking around near her and handled it very well. I even took her into the outdoor arena (wasn't quite ready to have a go at the indoor!) and popped her around a full practise round at 60cms. She did a lovely round, even including the double and some oxers which she has not done before. Later in the day Mum pulled manes for me - so the pic below is Coco with her new supershort mane.
Orin was great about the indoor - had a bit of a look at the mirrors but very quickly got focused on task. He did an awesome double-clear in his first class (taking home 2nd place out of a big class), and then a bit of an unlucky rail in the next one. But I am stoked with that! He was a little bouncy by the 2nd class - but a few more outings will have him settled I am sure, as he seems to learn very quickly.
Coco & Orin:
We didn't get a chance to do a practise on Kraka, and he was doing slightly bigger classes this time - including jumping the wall (which the baby classes don't). He had a little wobble in front of it, but jumped it fine. Our 80cm class was a great double clear from Kraka, but just a touch too slow which kept him out of the ribbons. I am really pleased with how much better he is jumping, he's starting to use himself.
Neo didn't have to wait till the very end of the day, as I had decided to enter him in smaller classes this time so I could get home before dark (still didn't happen though! but at least I tried!). He went in the 90 & the 1m classes - winning one and placing in the other. He was a bit of a tank though, even pulling! Feeling very fresh and happy to be out and about.
Kraka & Neo:
I'd put Gem in 3 classes, and told Mum to bring her boots so she could take Gem in the first one (70cm) they did a very tidy double-clear. Gem is going so nicely at the moment, really relaxed and absolutely loves to be out there jumping. Gem & I got placed in the 80cm, but she was tired by the time the 90 came around, so I will up her energy feed before her next jumping outing.
Mum with Gem & Me with Gem:
All up a great day, and such fantastic weather! The next CT is on 30th August, which is also the same day as Waikanae CT and Foxton showing... so I will have to have a think about what will be most suitable for the team to head to.

July 21, 2009

Kody Update

I got sent some lovely photos by Kody's new owner this week. On Sunday he went along to her local Adult Riding club rally day - and behaved really well in a new environment with new people. They are such a great match - she even makes him look big! Here are a few of the piccies- a nice walk, and a very tired Kodes-pony at the end of the day:
It also sounds like Kody will be coming to the next cross-country day at QEP! Yay!

July 19, 2009

QEP XC Practise: Coco

Coco absolutely surpassed all of my expectations today. I was thinking that I'd tack her up, walk her around the parking paddock and let her see the other horses cantering - then that'd be it for her. But she wasn't as worried as I expected her to be. So I took her around some of the course - the picture of the little ramp below is the only actual 'jump' we did.
We started off at the end of the course with the waterjump. I spent quite a bit of time just walking her around and letting her see the other horses and hearing some splash through. She was actually very good about it all. When it came her time to walk in she hesitated a bit, and then slowly crept in. Each time she jumped out she did it from further back than I expected - so the poor girl got it in the teeth a few times :( poor Coco! I'm sorry!
After heading through the small option a few times I was feeling a bit brave, and curious. I walked her up to the drop option and she just plopped down. I couldn't believe it. I came back around at a canter and she just bounced off! I'm so stoked with that.
Feeling pumped from the waterjump we headed to the ditch. Coco had no idea how to tackle such a thing. She was perfectly happy to go through it - and I mean literally through it. The first pic below is actually a canter stide! She bounced the damn ditch! After a few botched attempts she worked it out and jumped over happily.
We also did the bank (I really wanted to cover off all the unusual fences - the water, ditch & bank - as you can't really replicate them at home). She had no worries with that and seemed to think it was quite easy after that tricky ditch!
So all up a very good day for the team. A big thanks to Pie for being photographer (I love our new camera!), and Swifty for being videographer, and Mum for promising to pull manes for me next weekend!

QEP XC Practise: Gem

Gemmy was feeling super good today - very full of herself! But she is loving the jumping. I could tell just cantering her around that she was excited about doing something fun. She jumped the warmup fence a bit awkward a few times, but came right nice and quickly.
She absolutely doesn't spook at anything. It's very cool. She wasn't sure about the little ramp with the drop after it (and neither was I, as you can tell from my face!) and she scooted off down the hill after it not really sure what was going on. Very cute.
She popped over the ramp and then we went over to the ditch. She went over it great the very first time. I was really impressed with how she seems to be holding a much better form when jumping.
She was loving it so much. I took her through the combination and she thought it was heaps of fun just bouncing on through there. Even got her knees up quite nice.
The bank was an absolute non-event, she's like a seasoned eventer now, apparently!
And the water! After she got eliminated in the intro at Clareville I wasn't sure how the waterjump was going to go today. Obviously she is feeling much more confident as she went straight in and even jumped off the bigger option very happily. Just rolled on through and cantered up the other side without faltering at all. So cool.
The Mum had a walk around on her and I don't think Gem was even slightly tired! Maybe she really really does want to be an eventing horse?

QEP XC Practise: Orin

I've jumped Orin before, but today was my first time doing any sort of solid obstacles on him. He warmed up quite well around all the other horses - though was quite interested in everything and wanted to look at absolutely everything we went near. That included flags on the fences which he had a good sniff at and I almost thought he was going to eat.
I'm not sure if Orin has seen crosscountry before (I forgot to ask his owner). It took a few fences for him to get into the swing of it.. but after a couple of warmup jumps he was right into it. Even things like the ramp with the drop landing which has a really ugly approach.
We rounded up some cows to get them out of the way, then went over the ramp a few times and he was cool with that as well (too easy!).
So we moved on to the ditch. He popped straight over it the first time. I was stoked with that! He was even happy to jump the combination which I wasn't expecting him to be ready for just yet. He also did the little pre-training corner nicely.
The bank was no problems at all - just like an old hand.
The water was super. He trotted staight in the first time and never looked back. Even did the larger drop in (and from a canter stride too). He seemed to like splashing in the water as well.
I was so pleased with Orin! He seemed to enjoy it as well (though he was a bit tired at the end, even though we didn't do all that many jumps - I'm not sure how "jumping fit" he is!!). I am really looking foward to competing him at Tielcey Park in a week as well.

QEP XC Practise Videos!

Photos to come - but for the moment here are some videos from today. I took Coco, Gem, Orin & Neo (however Neo just watched today as he's been around QEP a million times and didn't really need to do it again).




Stoked with all of them - and a proper writeup will come with the pics later on tonight.

July 17, 2009

A few pics

Just a few quick pics while playing around in the arena. Gem did more crossbars and a few spreads:
While Neo got to trot around a short course:

July 14, 2009

Neo Advertised

So it's finally been done. Neo is for sale - advert up on trademe:
Have had a few enquiries so far, so hopefully the perfect home isn't far away for him.

Also took Tui home today. Very sweet & trainable young horse, but just not ready to be in the team environment as yet - so hopefully a more suitable placement can be found for her.

Jumped Orin today - he is so cute over the fences! I think Gem, Neo & Coco were very jealous as they all only got boring old flatwork. And rained on. Lots. Poor horses.

July 13, 2009

Welcome Orin & Tui

While out in the truck today I got quite a bit done! Along with delivering Kody, I also picked up "Orin". He is coming to be sold on behalf of his owner, while she focuses on her new horse. Orin is around 15hh (but quite solid), part arab, and (need to confirm, but I think..) 6yo.
Orin loaded & travelled well. Once we got home I had a quick ride on him and he was good - but I wa just in the driveway paddock which is slippery so I didn't ask much of him. Orin will be coming along to the XC practise on Sunday to do some jumping!
I also headed up to Talking Horses (Andrew Froggatt) to look at a small grey mare, Tui, they had advertised. Andrew doesn't have the time to continue working with her so I picked her up and will be selling her on behalf of the owner once I have done a bit more training on her. The pics below are from her advert:
Tui was reluctant to load - but has not been taught to load or left the property since being with Andrew. She did travel well though. Once we got home I did another 45 minutes of loading work which was going quite well. Next step will be tying up alone which also seems to be something new for her. She was fine to ride and walked through the stream without complaint.
These 2 should keep me busy for a little while.