July 28, 2009

Tielcey Park CT July

Sunday was the fourth of the Tielcey Park combined training days (only one more to go). My truck is having some work done, so I was lucky to be able to borrow Mum's truck and load it up with 4 of my lot - and Tab also had Kraka there for me to ride again.
I saddled up Coco first and took her for a walk around. In general she was pretty good - napped a few times when we were near the truck, but aside from that she had quite a lot of other horses and people walking around near her and handled it very well. I even took her into the outdoor arena (wasn't quite ready to have a go at the indoor!) and popped her around a full practise round at 60cms. She did a lovely round, even including the double and some oxers which she has not done before. Later in the day Mum pulled manes for me - so the pic below is Coco with her new supershort mane.
Orin was great about the indoor - had a bit of a look at the mirrors but very quickly got focused on task. He did an awesome double-clear in his first class (taking home 2nd place out of a big class), and then a bit of an unlucky rail in the next one. But I am stoked with that! He was a little bouncy by the 2nd class - but a few more outings will have him settled I am sure, as he seems to learn very quickly.
Coco & Orin:
We didn't get a chance to do a practise on Kraka, and he was doing slightly bigger classes this time - including jumping the wall (which the baby classes don't). He had a little wobble in front of it, but jumped it fine. Our 80cm class was a great double clear from Kraka, but just a touch too slow which kept him out of the ribbons. I am really pleased with how much better he is jumping, he's starting to use himself.
Neo didn't have to wait till the very end of the day, as I had decided to enter him in smaller classes this time so I could get home before dark (still didn't happen though! but at least I tried!). He went in the 90 & the 1m classes - winning one and placing in the other. He was a bit of a tank though, even pulling! Feeling very fresh and happy to be out and about.
Kraka & Neo:
I'd put Gem in 3 classes, and told Mum to bring her boots so she could take Gem in the first one (70cm) they did a very tidy double-clear. Gem is going so nicely at the moment, really relaxed and absolutely loves to be out there jumping. Gem & I got placed in the 80cm, but she was tired by the time the 90 came around, so I will up her energy feed before her next jumping outing.
Mum with Gem & Me with Gem:
All up a great day, and such fantastic weather! The next CT is on 30th August, which is also the same day as Waikanae CT and Foxton showing... so I will have to have a think about what will be most suitable for the team to head to.