October 07, 2013


Took the truck out for a drive... for the first time in what feels like forever. Probably HoY! We had some temperature issues on the way home from HoY and had to replace thermostat, sensor & gauge but it looks like that has sorted the issue and it's likely not anything more sinister with the engine itself (whew). After not driving the truck for so long it always takes a little bit of getting accustomed to, also keeping an eye out for cops as it goes to the mechanic tomorrow for it's Pre-COF check and then they take it for the COF (so yes, currently not road legal, but needed to check it was actually going to get to the mechanic without overheating).

Also took a drive up Horokiwi to show Jamie the new grazing, and seeing as I was passenger I got a chance to have a bit more of a look at the road. It's going to be a slow journey up the hill in the truck and an even slower one down the hill so that I don't run out of brakes. Most of the overhead branches look to have been 'pruned' by the local forrestry trucks, but there is one very thick overhead branch just before the grazing that is giving me the shits a little bit... may have to take a chainsaw with me when I take the horses up next weekend.

Wish me luck for the COF. I hate COF time.

September 28, 2013

On the Move

Well, the new owners at Grays Road seem to be nice people and all - but I constantly have this feeling of being in their way or intruding somehow on their lifestyle. A sense of them feeling like they're doing me a favour letting me be there, rather than providing a service I pay for. I am sure they don't mean for it to be that way at all, but I honestly don't even feel comfortable bringing the horses down and riding them.

So yesterday I scoped out some grazing in Horokiwi - it's cold, and the arena is small but I think it will be more 'comfortable'. I'm taking the horses up there in a few weeks. Fingers crossed it all works out. I think it will be nice for Neo to be in a shared paddock. Perhaps the change of location will reduce some of his issues? Or even just being in a busier environment with more horses will help? I can't hope for too much, because I know it's unlikely... but there is nothing wrong with having a spark of hope burning away quietly!

September 20, 2013

Met the newbies

Met the new owners last night (Jessop? Family). They seem ok with me staying but sounds like they have a lot of stock so I'm not sure how/if it will work. Will start to look at what else is around so I am prepared for whatever eventuates.

Cody was an absolute tart last night too. But she is cute so I forgive her.

Truck got a new temperature gauge - not a very exciting present for trucky, but one that was needed.

September 16, 2013

Tip run!

I love going to the tip. That awesome feeling of getting rid of crap you don't need and clearing out space. Ended up taking a whole lot of household rubbish plus stuff from the grazing including my hoarder disorder rugs. Does anyone else do this, or is it just me? When rugs get broken beyond simple repair, I keep them, always intending to perhaps cut them up and make tailbags from them or to re-use the strapping. I almost never do. The result is I took 8 dead rugs to the tip on the weekend! 

Also helped Wilsons move their jumps out of the arena and stacked mine in a pile. End of an era it feels like, with the arena closing down. Also even if I keep grazing there I'm not going to have many jumps, but at least nobody else would be leaving poo in the arena like they tend to.

Heaps of folks at Waiaknae and Pukahu - see all their updates on facey and get a bit depressed that my horses are doing nothing, but really Neo is retired and Cody not fit enough yet to be doing much anyway so I just can't justify travelling for a single round.

Did buy new jods, b-vertigo which I usually hate but I think they look cute with my red boots (I am breaking them out of retirement!)

September 11, 2013

Crap weather

Another storm on it's way through. Tonight the horses have 3 rugs on as it was too windy to take their sheets off so I just chucked an extra rug over the 2 they already had on. Hopefully not too uncomfy for the little critters! Have not done any more cleaning or much of anything the past few days with the horses. I am too old and lazy to ride in the rain and wind these days!

September 09, 2013

Grazing sold

So the place where I graze has been sold. Hopefully meet the new owner in a week & a half and find out if I can stay on there. Spent some of this weekend cleaning and tidying just in case I do need to move on quickly. Interesting times!

September 06, 2013


I have toothache and I don't like it, not one little bit! Doesn't make me want to ride horses at all. Dentist on Tuesday to fix that and likely empty my bank account at the same time.
Cold snap looks like it might have passed? Chilly few days, horses in winter rugs etc but now the sun is out and the harbour looks fairly mild. No plans for the horses this weekend- just to get batteries back in the truck and see if there is anything obvious that needs to be done for CoF. Don't really feel like going to any shows as I am fat and Cody is fluffy and it all just feels a bit blah :(

August 31, 2013


The truck's batteries went flat because I haven't been driving it, so today Jamie came and grabbed them so we can charge them at home. Step one towards getting back on the road!

Neo wasn't in a great mood today so he didn't get ridden and Cody was fussy / unhappy... Think she is due to see the dentist! At least it was superb weather, and only a month now till daylight saving time starts- yay!

August 27, 2013

August 25, 2013

So it's not Light

Rode Neo today, in the heat of the day with bright sunlight streaming through the arena. He was great. Not perfect by standards of other horses, but perfect by Neo standards. Calm, happy. I guess this means I can rule out photosensitivity as a cause of his issues. Annoying as I really thought I was onto something with that one.
Rode Cody yesterday in her happymouth (I've been using her swimming bridle, which has a level 1 myler on it.. not for any reason, just because I'm lazy and didn't want to clean her show bridle). Lots of difference! Tanky horse was very tanky and not very listeny!