July 24, 2008

Wet Weather

I can't believe how waterlogged everything is! Some areas of the farm are just massive lakes. The 3 horses at home (Alfie, Pippa, Kody) are all together in a sacrafice paddock... and they're getting along really well, which is great!

Only about a week till the riding horses come into work, and I also go and pick up Neo. I'm actually itching to be riding again (yeah, I absolutely won't be feeling that way when it's pouring with rain and cold and I'm freezing and trapsing through mud all the time.. but hey).

First outing for the season will hopefully be Kapiti riding club's dressage and showjumping day late August, followed by Lancers show playing dolly classes and then QEP XC practise just to get them all into a different environment (none of them will really be fit enough to be doing heaps).

July 13, 2008

Kody arrives!

Finally - absolutely weeks after buying him! Kody has finally arrived! He came down in Peter Scaife's truck, and I drove out to Battle Hill this morning to meet them (no room at my place for another truck to turn around, especially with how wet it is).
Kody was sweating a little bit, but came off Peter's truck fairly laid back and was good to lead over to my truck. He had a bit of a rear and a tantrum at the bottom of the ramp, and I popped a bumrope on him and picked up both of his front feet and placed them onto the ramp - then he seemed perfectly happy to wander up. He travelled well too (okay, we were only going 2km, but that's not the point!).
I gave him a feed, and put Pippa in a yard.. then let Kody out to meet Alfie. Cute pics of Kody and Alfie trying to ignore each other, and then being friends:
(That rug was brand new! I can't believe how quickly it got dirty... and how quickly Kody got himself filthy! Clippers will certainly be coming out as soon as the shed is built!).

Gem gets her truck.. soon

Sounds like Mum will be coming down this weekend, and taking the little truck back to Masterton with her for Gem. So I thought I'd grab a few more pictures of it before it heads off. We still have some work to do, but hopefully we can get it all done within a few days.
You can see the lovely cushions that I nicked from the seating in the accom area. I had to put them on the driver's seat so that I could actually see over the steering wheel! May look at putting a new drivers seat in someday (like we did for the old truck) because that works out awesomely:
Inside I have put up a little bridle rack (for, you know, bridles and bridleware... oh yeah - and Gem's bloody false tail!). Have yet to work out how and where to mount saddle racks:
And just because it was feeling left out - some more pics of my truck. I spent 4 hours cleaning the horse area the other weekend... and cleaned up part of the gear/accom area today... still got the sleeping area and cab to go. How much mess can one person make in half a season? Also hoping to buy some supplies so I can hang up a bridle rack this weekend so I can use the saddle rack for, well, saddles.
(Yes, I'm aware I look like I'm trying to go to the toilet or something in front of the truck.. but I'm really just sitting on the steps - honest!).

July 02, 2008

Runabout Truck

I've been a bit slack with posting... but a few weeks back Mum got herself a little runabout truck so that she & Gem can get to shows around Masterton without having to be reliant on just 1 truck between us. We got the truck from my friend, Kylee. Kylee was fantastic enough to deliver the truck to Foxton for us... so it was only a short drive from there back to Wellington (Mum's truck will live in Wellington over winter while we do a few little upgrades, and hopefully get our shed built so it can enjoy being under cover too).
The truck takes 4 horses, though we will be converting it to mainly take 3 - with the option of 4 when/if required. It's got a little bit of accommodation (running water, lights, cooker, fridge, big luton, couch etc) and should be fantastic for Mum:
As the truck is plain white, I'm hoping to get another decal with the farm logo made up for it - but might have to wait for payday for that one! Also going to install a stereo and some saddle racks. More pics:
So - all very exciting! Might get it's first trial run sometime over the next few weeks while Mum is on holiday... as my new boy Kody should be arriving and we'll likely have to meet the transporter somewhere (as our property is too difficult for the big articulated trucks to get into). Will be sure to post an update as to if the horses like the truck or not!