July 13, 2008

Gem gets her truck.. soon

Sounds like Mum will be coming down this weekend, and taking the little truck back to Masterton with her for Gem. So I thought I'd grab a few more pictures of it before it heads off. We still have some work to do, but hopefully we can get it all done within a few days.
You can see the lovely cushions that I nicked from the seating in the accom area. I had to put them on the driver's seat so that I could actually see over the steering wheel! May look at putting a new drivers seat in someday (like we did for the old truck) because that works out awesomely:
Inside I have put up a little bridle rack (for, you know, bridles and bridleware... oh yeah - and Gem's bloody false tail!). Have yet to work out how and where to mount saddle racks:
And just because it was feeling left out - some more pics of my truck. I spent 4 hours cleaning the horse area the other weekend... and cleaned up part of the gear/accom area today... still got the sleeping area and cab to go. How much mess can one person make in half a season? Also hoping to buy some supplies so I can hang up a bridle rack this weekend so I can use the saddle rack for, well, saddles.
(Yes, I'm aware I look like I'm trying to go to the toilet or something in front of the truck.. but I'm really just sitting on the steps - honest!).