January 15, 2007

less than a week to go

It's less than a week to go before our first show since bringing Silvi back into work after our Christmas holiday. Today we did a bunch of things - mucking around on the flat, playing in the creek, and even did a few jumps. I think she's enjoying being back in work.

warming up:


a little lengthen and finished:

walking into the creek:

playing in the creek:


odette and zak move in

Over the weekend my mare and foal moved into the same grazing as Silvi so that I can do some handling with them, and also get Odette's leg cleared up (she's got a yucky looking cut). Mum and Eliz, with the help of a kind neighbour managed to load them both quickly... Odette just plodding on, and Zak taking a little bit more effort, but not bad for his first attempt (and first time in a halter being a 'real' horse). They travelled well and had lots of attention (me, mum, swifty and meredith all fussing over them both) as soon as they got off the truck, then got left in the paddock to settle for a bit.
Just arrived:

Then after I dropped Mum home I went back and had a play with them. Nick came up to the farm and ended up almost getting eaten by Zak who had taken a liking to the sweatshirt he was wearing.
Cute horsies:

All the horses were pretty settled by now, and I popped Silvi's rug on and then left them for the night.
Doing up Sil's rug:

January 09, 2007

long overdue

So after the eventing outing at QE2 I gave Silviapples about 2 weeks off. She's been doing really well, but has had quite a few outings anad been busy so I just wanted her to have some time to be a horse in the paddock.

Bringing her back in was a bit of a laugh - she was an absolute knob on the end of the leadrope, jumping around and overexcited... then walking all over the place as I tried to saddle her... but as soon as I got on she was her usual easy self and happy to walk, trot & canter nicely in a circle for me. For about the next week I just rode her every 2nd or 3rd day and just bareback in the stream or up the hills - real low stress stuff.

Over the past week I have got her back into a bit more schooling, but still only every 2nd day. I think she's looking really good - starting to get a tummy and a bum. Excuse how messy she is as I'd just dragged her out of the paddock and whipped her rug off to get a few pics.

no more ribs:

and cute pony: