May 31, 2007

new arrival

Spice arrived from Auckland today on a Woodville horse transport truck.
So I left her to settle for a bit and have a drink and some hay, then came back armed with gear to take her for a little ride.

Including a play in the creek
And generally finding her way around the place.

She was fairly well behaved, and interested in Silvi and Zak (who were very busy ignoring her intensely). Now she's back down in her yard chilling out again.

May 13, 2007


It was my birthday on Tuesday - and part of my gift was a chainsaw from Nick. It's an awesome little chainsaw and should prove very handy for chopping up wood for the fire.
And the cats are still catting around (they went outside this weekend for the first time and didn't run away). Do you like Maulfa's gangsta chain?
And Mum sent down her 6 little weaner calves, who are settling in well. I should get a daytime photo of them, but this one was the first morning they were here - in the sheepyards (which they later decided to jump out of).


Zak and Silvi both had their hooves trimmed this weekend. It was a first time for Zak and he was a bit naughty with the first leg, but perfect with the others - very impressed.

Also took some photos earlier in the week while they were having their breakfast in the frost. Warm food for chilly horses.

May 06, 2007

cats cats cats

We got cats. About a week and a half ago we headed up to the SPCA in Feilding and picked out two cats - they hadn't been desexed yet though... so we had to leave empty handed and get Mum to pick them up for us a few days later.

The drive home with one cat in a cage and the other in a box was interesting and loud, but at least they fell asleep eventually.
The big cat is Maulfa:

And the kitten is Minda:

Minda is growing really quickly - was only 800grams when we got him, and is already 1100! Probably going to end up being a fat kitty.
Fencing has also started on one of our boundaries - should make it easy to get to the top paddock once that's done. We also tried to axe up a piece of wood from the tree that got chopped up, but failed at that - think we need a chainsaw before we try again.