May 06, 2007

cats cats cats

We got cats. About a week and a half ago we headed up to the SPCA in Feilding and picked out two cats - they hadn't been desexed yet though... so we had to leave empty handed and get Mum to pick them up for us a few days later.

The drive home with one cat in a cage and the other in a box was interesting and loud, but at least they fell asleep eventually.
The big cat is Maulfa:

And the kitten is Minda:

Minda is growing really quickly - was only 800grams when we got him, and is already 1100! Probably going to end up being a fat kitty.
Fencing has also started on one of our boundaries - should make it easy to get to the top paddock once that's done. We also tried to axe up a piece of wood from the tree that got chopped up, but failed at that - think we need a chainsaw before we try again.