January 09, 2011

Xev's turn

Dragged Nick out again today for some more photos - it was Xev's turn this time. You can certainly tell that she managed to get rid of her tailbag! Grr, going to be some busy-time with the purple shampoo again for us.
I was also trying her in the leather bit - I've only used it on her a couple of times, and she still seems a bit unsure of it, and got her tongue over it a few times.. but I do like to ride in it. Must buy another one really.
Not much else to report on this lazy weekend. Oh, did get a photo in the mail, from HoY 2010! A showjumping photo of Neo that has only just made it's way to me. Pretty cool.

January 08, 2011


Well, the first competition weekend of the new year, and instead of out showjumping I stayed at home. It was nice to have a relaxing weekend - and made some awesome progress with Zak too. He went out on the road, and along to the grassed jumps paddock like a grown-up horse!
Then we went for a bit of a trot around, and he was very good - didn't really spook at any of the jumps or tyres or other bits and bobs in the paddock. Did some lovely forward work, but sometimes got a bit sluggy and needed a proper kick to find the go-button again:
After that I put on my brave pants and we did some canter! Right out there in the open, and more than just a few strides - we went halfway around the paddock a couple of times.
I'm really pleased with how he is coming along. Can't wait to get him to the point where he is fully focused on me (and not the other horses around) so that I can take him out to a show - will likely start with a small dressage test somewhere.