January 09, 2011

Xev's turn

Dragged Nick out again today for some more photos - it was Xev's turn this time. You can certainly tell that she managed to get rid of her tailbag! Grr, going to be some busy-time with the purple shampoo again for us.
I was also trying her in the leather bit - I've only used it on her a couple of times, and she still seems a bit unsure of it, and got her tongue over it a few times.. but I do like to ride in it. Must buy another one really.
Not much else to report on this lazy weekend. Oh, did get a photo in the mail, from HoY 2010! A showjumping photo of Neo that has only just made it's way to me. Pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

hey, were you at Taupo Xmas classic?

Anonymous said...

PERF U NEED 2 UPDATE YOUR BLOG! U and Neo looked good at BH btw :-)

Anonymous said...