January 09, 2007

long overdue

So after the eventing outing at QE2 I gave Silviapples about 2 weeks off. She's been doing really well, but has had quite a few outings anad been busy so I just wanted her to have some time to be a horse in the paddock.

Bringing her back in was a bit of a laugh - she was an absolute knob on the end of the leadrope, jumping around and overexcited... then walking all over the place as I tried to saddle her... but as soon as I got on she was her usual easy self and happy to walk, trot & canter nicely in a circle for me. For about the next week I just rode her every 2nd or 3rd day and just bareback in the stream or up the hills - real low stress stuff.

Over the past week I have got her back into a bit more schooling, but still only every 2nd day. I think she's looking really good - starting to get a tummy and a bum. Excuse how messy she is as I'd just dragged her out of the paddock and whipped her rug off to get a few pics.

no more ribs:

and cute pony: