July 13, 2008

Kody arrives!

Finally - absolutely weeks after buying him! Kody has finally arrived! He came down in Peter Scaife's truck, and I drove out to Battle Hill this morning to meet them (no room at my place for another truck to turn around, especially with how wet it is).
Kody was sweating a little bit, but came off Peter's truck fairly laid back and was good to lead over to my truck. He had a bit of a rear and a tantrum at the bottom of the ramp, and I popped a bumrope on him and picked up both of his front feet and placed them onto the ramp - then he seemed perfectly happy to wander up. He travelled well too (okay, we were only going 2km, but that's not the point!).
I gave him a feed, and put Pippa in a yard.. then let Kody out to meet Alfie. Cute pics of Kody and Alfie trying to ignore each other, and then being friends:
(That rug was brand new! I can't believe how quickly it got dirty... and how quickly Kody got himself filthy! Clippers will certainly be coming out as soon as the shed is built!).