July 24, 2008

Wet Weather

I can't believe how waterlogged everything is! Some areas of the farm are just massive lakes. The 3 horses at home (Alfie, Pippa, Kody) are all together in a sacrafice paddock... and they're getting along really well, which is great!

Only about a week till the riding horses come into work, and I also go and pick up Neo. I'm actually itching to be riding again (yeah, I absolutely won't be feeling that way when it's pouring with rain and cold and I'm freezing and trapsing through mud all the time.. but hey).

First outing for the season will hopefully be Kapiti riding club's dressage and showjumping day late August, followed by Lancers show playing dolly classes and then QEP XC practise just to get them all into a different environment (none of them will really be fit enough to be doing heaps).