July 02, 2008

Runabout Truck

I've been a bit slack with posting... but a few weeks back Mum got herself a little runabout truck so that she & Gem can get to shows around Masterton without having to be reliant on just 1 truck between us. We got the truck from my friend, Kylee. Kylee was fantastic enough to deliver the truck to Foxton for us... so it was only a short drive from there back to Wellington (Mum's truck will live in Wellington over winter while we do a few little upgrades, and hopefully get our shed built so it can enjoy being under cover too).
The truck takes 4 horses, though we will be converting it to mainly take 3 - with the option of 4 when/if required. It's got a little bit of accommodation (running water, lights, cooker, fridge, big luton, couch etc) and should be fantastic for Mum:
As the truck is plain white, I'm hoping to get another decal with the farm logo made up for it - but might have to wait for payday for that one! Also going to install a stereo and some saddle racks. More pics:
So - all very exciting! Might get it's first trial run sometime over the next few weeks while Mum is on holiday... as my new boy Kody should be arriving and we'll likely have to meet the transporter somewhere (as our property is too difficult for the big articulated trucks to get into). Will be sure to post an update as to if the horses like the truck or not!