August 25, 2013

So it's not Light

Rode Neo today, in the heat of the day with bright sunlight streaming through the arena. He was great. Not perfect by standards of other horses, but perfect by Neo standards. Calm, happy. I guess this means I can rule out photosensitivity as a cause of his issues. Annoying as I really thought I was onto something with that one.
Rode Cody yesterday in her happymouth (I've been using her swimming bridle, which has a level 1 myler on it.. not for any reason, just because I'm lazy and didn't want to clean her show bridle). Lots of difference! Tanky horse was very tanky and not very listeny! 


Anonymous said...

Hmm, sounds like Mr Neo is one of a kind!

perfk said...

Seems to be a lot of horses with unexplained behavioural issues these days- I guess it is comforting somehow that he isn't the only one being a bit crazy.