September 16, 2013

Tip run!

I love going to the tip. That awesome feeling of getting rid of crap you don't need and clearing out space. Ended up taking a whole lot of household rubbish plus stuff from the grazing including my hoarder disorder rugs. Does anyone else do this, or is it just me? When rugs get broken beyond simple repair, I keep them, always intending to perhaps cut them up and make tailbags from them or to re-use the strapping. I almost never do. The result is I took 8 dead rugs to the tip on the weekend! 

Also helped Wilsons move their jumps out of the arena and stacked mine in a pile. End of an era it feels like, with the arena closing down. Also even if I keep grazing there I'm not going to have many jumps, but at least nobody else would be leaving poo in the arena like they tend to.

Heaps of folks at Waiaknae and Pukahu - see all their updates on facey and get a bit depressed that my horses are doing nothing, but really Neo is retired and Cody not fit enough yet to be doing much anyway so I just can't justify travelling for a single round.

Did buy new jods, b-vertigo which I usually hate but I think they look cute with my red boots (I am breaking them out of retirement!)

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