July 19, 2009

QEP XC Practise: Gem

Gemmy was feeling super good today - very full of herself! But she is loving the jumping. I could tell just cantering her around that she was excited about doing something fun. She jumped the warmup fence a bit awkward a few times, but came right nice and quickly.
She absolutely doesn't spook at anything. It's very cool. She wasn't sure about the little ramp with the drop after it (and neither was I, as you can tell from my face!) and she scooted off down the hill after it not really sure what was going on. Very cute.
She popped over the ramp and then we went over to the ditch. She went over it great the very first time. I was really impressed with how she seems to be holding a much better form when jumping.
She was loving it so much. I took her through the combination and she thought it was heaps of fun just bouncing on through there. Even got her knees up quite nice.
The bank was an absolute non-event, she's like a seasoned eventer now, apparently!
And the water! After she got eliminated in the intro at Clareville I wasn't sure how the waterjump was going to go today. Obviously she is feeling much more confident as she went straight in and even jumped off the bigger option very happily. Just rolled on through and cantered up the other side without faltering at all. So cool.
The Mum had a walk around on her and I don't think Gem was even slightly tired! Maybe she really really does want to be an eventing horse?