July 19, 2009

QEP XC Practise: Orin

I've jumped Orin before, but today was my first time doing any sort of solid obstacles on him. He warmed up quite well around all the other horses - though was quite interested in everything and wanted to look at absolutely everything we went near. That included flags on the fences which he had a good sniff at and I almost thought he was going to eat.
I'm not sure if Orin has seen crosscountry before (I forgot to ask his owner). It took a few fences for him to get into the swing of it.. but after a couple of warmup jumps he was right into it. Even things like the ramp with the drop landing which has a really ugly approach.
We rounded up some cows to get them out of the way, then went over the ramp a few times and he was cool with that as well (too easy!).
So we moved on to the ditch. He popped straight over it the first time. I was stoked with that! He was even happy to jump the combination which I wasn't expecting him to be ready for just yet. He also did the little pre-training corner nicely.
The bank was no problems at all - just like an old hand.
The water was super. He trotted staight in the first time and never looked back. Even did the larger drop in (and from a canter stride too). He seemed to like splashing in the water as well.
I was so pleased with Orin! He seemed to enjoy it as well (though he was a bit tired at the end, even though we didn't do all that many jumps - I'm not sure how "jumping fit" he is!!). I am really looking foward to competing him at Tielcey Park in a week as well.