July 13, 2009

Welcome Orin & Tui

While out in the truck today I got quite a bit done! Along with delivering Kody, I also picked up "Orin". He is coming to be sold on behalf of his owner, while she focuses on her new horse. Orin is around 15hh (but quite solid), part arab, and (need to confirm, but I think..) 6yo.
Orin loaded & travelled well. Once we got home I had a quick ride on him and he was good - but I wa just in the driveway paddock which is slippery so I didn't ask much of him. Orin will be coming along to the XC practise on Sunday to do some jumping!
I also headed up to Talking Horses (Andrew Froggatt) to look at a small grey mare, Tui, they had advertised. Andrew doesn't have the time to continue working with her so I picked her up and will be selling her on behalf of the owner once I have done a bit more training on her. The pics below are from her advert:
Tui was reluctant to load - but has not been taught to load or left the property since being with Andrew. She did travel well though. Once we got home I did another 45 minutes of loading work which was going quite well. Next step will be tying up alone which also seems to be something new for her. She was fine to ride and walked through the stream without complaint.
These 2 should keep me busy for a little while.