October 19, 2009

Cancelled, again!

Well - weekends haven't been too fortunate for us just lately. Everything I look at going to is cancelled. Sunday I even managed to drive most of the way to Clareville before finding out the Carterton Spring Carnival was cancelled. That is the 5th show in a row for me!! Stupid weather.

But the horses travelled nicely and probably enjoyed going for a Sunday drive. Took Neo, Gem & Tilly. Tilly loaded & travelled really well, which is good.

Crossing fingers to get to the ESNZ showjumping this coming weekend over in the Wairarapa, and the forecast is looking a bit better too. Also supposed to be finally swapping trucks back so I'll have my big blue one back (yay!).


Beckz said...

Well safe to say Labour Weekend wont be cancelled but chances are the weather will be so bad you wont want to ride haha!

perfk said...

I reckon! haha
ah well - it'll be good to get them out & about, even if we swap into slightly smaller classes than usual if the going is particularly awful.

Anonymous said...