November 01, 2009

Carterton A&P - Alfie

Finally, a show that wasn't cancelled for me! Though it didn't all go exactly to plan either. I headed up on Friday to do some classes on Xev, but she is still having some discomfort from an absess that has burst but still got some heat. I'd thought I could possibly get away with just doing the dressage - but it wasn't really a happening thing.
I'd also organised to pick up my truck on Friday and give Mum her one back... but there was a problem with it and I couldn't pick it up! Not to mention Friday was also terrible weather with mud up past my gumboots (I feel sorry for those who were competing). All up it was a pretty forgettable day. Without my truck I had nowhere to sleep, so ended up heading up to mum's and staying there. Came back with her truck on Sunday for flat classes on Tilly & Alfie.
Mum rode Alfie in the showhacks. It was his first outing of the season, and he was actually very well behaved (a lot more grown-up than he was last season), but he still had his eyes on stalks for a little bit when we arrived.
I took some photos of Alfie warming up, so apologies for the timing of the pics, I'm not very good at operating the camera myself! I normally have someone else doing the difficult jobs like that.
Once he was warmed up Mum headed over to the show rings (on the other side of the grounds to where I was). Luckily Swifty turned up just in time to head over with the camera and get some shots of Alfie competing.
No ribbons in the first few classes, but Mum said she was really happy with the way he went (I was busy getting Tilly saddled at this point, so never got to watch Alfie). He's got a tooth coming though which is giving him a bit of discomfort, and therefore his head carriage isn't always so steady - but he is working nicely and has really muscled up so much compared to last season.
Their last class (started at 9, and by this stage was after lunch!) was the District hack, which they came home with a placing for. Alfie looked very happy with his nice yellow ribbon as he came back to the truck.
Alfie's next outing will be this coming weekend at Solway - doing the intro eventing class, again with Mum riding.