November 16, 2009

Western Hills Spring Show

Had been sick almost all week leading up to this show, so decided to skip the flat classes - and to be honest, probably shouldn't have gone out at all. But I wanted the horses to have an outing due to how many starts we missed at the beginning of the season when everything was cancelled. I only entered one class on each horse, and even that was too much (only completed 2 and a half of them!). Tilly was a dude and came 3rd in her class, doing a wicked jumpoff with very tight turns and good angles, just rather slow over the ground! I had to retire Neo as I just wasn't able to see a stride at all, which was disappointing - but I'd rather do that than give him a big fright. Tilly & Neo:
Gem hopped around happily, but no placings for her. Mum had come over from Masterton and took Alfie for a ride around (not competing, just giving him some exercise on dry flat ground)... and she helped me realise that with how badly I was riding and my complete lack of balance it would have been silly to jump Xev. So I took Xev for a ride around, but no jumping. Gem-gem:
All a bit of a let-down, I guess. But can't stay sick forever - this stupid cold has to go away at some point (can't wait!). Swifty drove home behind me to ensure I got back safely, as I was a bit light-headed, but got all horses and truck home safe and the horses were very happy to be let out into the driveway to have some good grass.