November 21, 2009

Hutt Valley Jumping Day

So, the high point of today would have to be Neo being an absolute dude and just feeling really good to ride. Then the low point would have to be finding a dead mouse in my gumboots that I'd been wearing for about 3 hours!! So gross!!
Tilly was doing ring2 again, and I decided to skip the first smaller class as it was an optimum time (which always feels a bit pointless) and was also going to clash with Xev and Neo's first run. In hindsight perhaps I should have done the first class, as it just felt like Tilly was a little overfaced in the 90cm, especially while she is still jumping in quite a green form. She is a real sweetheart though, and had her ears pricked the whole way around and gave it her best shot.
Xev was full of life today and did an awesome round in ring1 - though we overjumped the tripplebar and missed the turn so had to do a bit of a tiki tour to get to our next fence clocking up our time quite a lot! I didn't do any other jumping classes on her after that, but did give her another ride around later and her flatwork is going really lovely at the moment - nice and soft, but also very active. Must find a dressage show to head to.
Neo was awesome today. Rails down, so needs some grids (haven't done any on him in ages), but he was just jumping really nicely - and being very trusting after I really let him down last weekend with my terrible riding while I was sick.
Late entered Neo in a few extra classes as I was having such a fun time riding him. He did an awesome take your own line course too, but the rail meant we were out as they decided to judge it under A2 rather than TableC - damn. Oh well, I am honestly just so stoked with him today.
Thanks to Swifty for braving the rain to come out and take photos. It was a really good day out at Belmont, just a real shame about quite low entries. I'm loving having my truck back too.. so much room! Very happy day today!