November 28, 2009

Central Districts 2*SJ

Early start this morning, but just with one horse! Quite a luxury to just have the one to get ready. I took Xev up to Foxton for the Central Districts ESNZ show today - for a few showjumping and some showhunter classes. Events started at 8am, so I was all done and dusted and all the way back home and inside by lunch! Amazing. I even managed to stay dry while riding, can't ask for more than that.

Xev was really good - quite a bit more focused without me running around looking after the other horses too. The grounds at Foxton are fantastic, so we had great footing. She did some nice clear rounds in the showjumping (and would have come home with a ribbon if silly rider didn't put an extra fence into the jumpoff course!). Our showhunter wasn't as consistent as she can be, but we got some very tidy auto lead changes which was great. So quite a good day really, and very pleased to have not been rained on.