November 07, 2009

Solway HT - Gem

Gem was having her second eventing start for her career. I was undecided if I should put her in the intro or the pretraining. The event was split over 2 days for the PT, so I decided it was far more sensible and economic to put her in the intro and come home tonight! Her dressage was good, but a little tense at times. She got a 9, which was nice - don't get heaps of those.
A lovely showjumping round from Gem, as always. She seems to really enjoy her showjumping now - so I need to get onto showhuntering her.
Then the XC! I changed saddles as I wasn't sure, but felt she wasn't 100% comfy in the other one, and she was a lot more relaxed through her back in her warmup. She hopped around everything easily, having a ball.
More XC piccies:
So that gave us a double-clear jumping on top of our dressage, and 5th place overall. I'm really happy with that. Next time she certainly needs to go PT and build on that.