November 30, 2009

Saddle Up Show

Yesterday I headed up to Feilding for the Saddle Up riding club show. I hadn't mentioned to anyone that I was going, as I wanted to surprise Mum by taking Shante up there (as Mum was hoping to come see Shante on Saturday and help me with some lunging and stuff with her, but I was busy in Foxton). So I figured if I was taking the truck I might as well load up Tilly and Neo too.

I arrived just as classes were about to start on the flat, so was able to get heaps of pics of Mum and Alfie doing their thing.

I think Alfie got placed in each class (mostly yellow ribbons).

It still takes him a while to settle at the shows - he doesn't do anything wrong, but does like to call out to Gem for as long as he can get away with it.

But he is going very kindly on the flat, and now that his second wolf tooth is through his head carriage is far more steady.

After the flat classes there was quite a big lunchbreak before the jumping. I entered Tilly in a few Ring2 showjumping classes - I have been doing a lot of work on her form at home and I want to give her a few more runs over the low jumps to really get her confidence 100%. In her first class she was still a bit green over the fences (but won the class, which was nice) but the second class was worlds better! She was really moving forward and jumping so nicely - I was absolutely stoked.. and even better - she won that class as well! 2 for 2! By fluke of chance, a friend of Tilly's owner was there and snapped some pics:

Mum was also doing Ring2 on Gem. The first round was a bit disjointed (not helped by rider losing her way!), but they got better as the day went on. Picked up a few placings in their classes, and when they didn't they were only off by a few tenths of a second.

I took Neo in Ring1 showjumping (no photos) and was having a go with no noseband and no martingale which is something I do every so often with him. He did argue a little bit when I'd got him hotted up for his jumpoffs, but he was pretty good and got me out of a few missed stridings! Neo came 3rd in his first class, then won the next class! Go Neo.
Meanwhile Shante spent the whole day tied to the truck and behaved perfectly! Even with cars and bikes going past and horses she didn't know tied near her. When the day was almost finished I quickly saddled her up and had Mum lead us for a short walk in a new environment. Shante had her eyes wide open the whole time, but was pretty good. More exposure to the shows will be a good thing for her (and so much easier now that I know she'll stand at the truck nicely).

So it ended up being a pretty busy weekend, but a good one.