November 22, 2009

Shante arrives

Today is Mum's birthday - and right on time her birthday present arrived! 'Shante' came over on the ferry this morning, after leaving her home in the South Island on Friday. We met the transporter down at the arena on Grays road as sometimes the big trucks have trouble getting in our driveway at home. Mum made the drive down from Masterton to meet Shante too. She walked off the transporter calmly, and we popped her in a yard while we had a quick ride in the arena on Xev, Tilly & Neo.
Shante (San Mateo La Picante) has been a broodmare the past few years, and was last ridden about 4 years ago. Of course curiosity got the better of us and we popped a saddle on her in a small yard, which was received with a bit of suspiscion but mostly all good.. until she got a little fright and the bronc act started. Not to worry, I just headed back to the truck and got my back protector! Then we spent about another 30 minutes just working with her and laying over her back. I can get on and slide off from either side of her nicely, but we didn't yet try even leading her around with me on board. Figured we'd quit while we were ahead. Piccies of Mum with Shante (you can see how impressed Shante is by all of this!).
She loaded onto my truck really nicely - just took a bit of convincing to get her to turn around once she got in there. She travelled nicely, but got a little sweat (I think from Xev making mare faces at her). Once we got home I tied her up and she ties up really well, even when Tilly and Neo went out into the paddock and galloped off like fools.
Popped a rug on her (which she was good for) and settled her into a yard for the night. Put Xev in the yard next to her so she's got someone to talk to and gave them both some hay to munch on.
Mum has some more photos on her camera, so I will try to get those from her at some point. Hopefully will get some time next weekend to have another go at sitting on her and maybe get led around this time. She has been broken in, but not sure to what level or if there were any issues in the process - so just taking things as they come.


Talisman Farm said...

Congrats to Jane on the new arrival. Bados was a San Mateo and if she is half as cool as he was, she will be an awesome horse. What is her breeding Perf?

perfk said...

I will have to find out from Mum - she has all her info... I just get the horse turn up and instructed to make it rideable haha

Her last foal is on TM at the moment too - and he is a PRETTY boy

Anonymous said...

LOVELY looking girl! Bet you will have fun getting her going and out and about.

Anonymous said...