November 07, 2009

Solway HT - Xev

Xev has had a bit of time off recovering from an abscess which was a bit of a nightmare getting perfectly right in the wet conditions we have had lately. So I wanted a nice laid-back run for her. I thought about taking her H/C myself, but then thought it'd be more fun for Mum to ride her (and Xev can look after her nicely). They did a very nice dressage test together - very steady and rythmic and got some nice comments from the judge.
Showjumping was a bit hectic. Today was Mum's first time riding Xev, and she only got to pop over one crossrail before heading into her round. But they popped around nicely for a clear.
Cross country was great. Xev just sighted up the jumps and headed around the course like such a pro. It was a tight course (not set for a forward pace), but she came back nicely for the sharp turns too.
More pics:
So that was another clear for Mum & Xev, and their double-clear and nice dressage test put them in 3rd place at the end of the day! Stoked with that. Now Xev has to come do some real work again.