November 24, 2009

Shante update

Yesterday I just spent some time brushing Shante and letting her get to know me. I still can't get her to accept treats or eat hardfeed (she's not all that trusting of new people just yet). But she has been great to handle. Today I put the saddle on her and no wee bronc effort this time, and "lunged" her at walk and trot just in a very small circle in the yard. Then I put a bridle on and repeated the exercise. She was seeming really laid back, so I leaned over her and put some weight on her back (you can see my awesome pink lunging whip in the pic below):
I slid off a few times and moved around on the saddle and she seemed pretty happy, so I sat astride and there were no dramas. The yellow pigtail in the foreground of the pic below is from when I had hot tape around the top of the yards when Pippa first arrived. Perhaps I should have had the hot tapes up for Shante, because she got a fright yesterday and jumped out (oops - at least we know she can jump though). Also note me grinning like an idiot while sitting on her, I was very stoked!!
And we went for a little walk. Shante didn't really understand a whole lot, would walk a couple steps and then stop. But basic aids are there - we had steering and brakes. Even got brave enough to put my feet in the stirrups!
Mum will be horrified, as she said I wasn't allowed to try and get on till she was around - for safety. But Shante seems pretty laid back. Still, I will leave the first trot till Mum is down!