December 05, 2009

Makara Gymkhana

Went down the road today to the Makara show (being held at Battle Hill) - very handy for me, as only 2km from home. Meant I had a nice sleep-in too, which was great after doing midnight sober pickup for Nick after his work Christmas party. My classes didn't start till about midday, but I got there earlier to get a good park and also to watch some of the earlier events which made for a nice relaxing day.
Only one class for Tilly today in Ring2. She started out really lovely, but then slipped back into the overjumping. It's improving all the time, and she is really starting to go more forward into her fences now and not be so lazy! Poor Tilly was at the truck from 9am till 5pm today just for one class! Other good news is she now drinks really well when at shows (she had earlier been a little reluctant to drink until she was very very thirsty, now she takes a drink when offered to her).
Xev had a couple of classes in Ring1. In the first class she took exception to a bumblebee vinyl material fence, but we got that sorted nicely in the next event.
After taking Xev to Foxton by herself last weekend I noticed that today she wasn't bothered at all when I took her friends away from her at the truck - so I think it will be good for her to have the occasional outing where it's just one horse and she gets all my attention as it really seems to be good for her.
Neo had another busy day with 3 classes. No ribbons for us, but after a messy first event (a bit of resistance) he jumped beautifully in the last 2 classes and I was so happy with him. He got me out of a few tight spots too when I'd gone for the wrong stride.
I'm really enjoying jumping Neo at the moment.. tempted to take him off the market, but I guess if the right person comes along he will sell to them - and until then I can keep having fun.
You can't even tell in the photos, but I spent ages washing his tail for today and it was sparkling white when we arrived (it didn't take him long to get it dirty again, of course). But yeah, so pleased with him and how easy he is being this season. Might have to finally give in and ESNZ register him. My poor wallet.
After finishing my classes, there were still a couple more horses to go in Ring1 - so I took Shante to go watch. She was really interested at first, but didn't take long to get bored with the whole idea and get back to eating grass.
Because she seemed fairly laid-back about things I decided to hop on and give her a short ride. The first time I got on she was a bit sluggish, and got her back up when someone started slamming their float locker doors, so I got off and gave her a minute to just get her head back in the right space then hopped on again.
She was heaps better the second time, walking a lot more forward. I was even able to walk a 20m circle while someone else was lunging right beside us (Shante was not at all bothered by the other horse). I did a couple of very short trots (3-8 strides) but she didn't feel 100% settled, so I decided to quit while I was ahead. Pleased with her though, this is all new to her and she is taking it very well.
Thanks to Swifty for photos (& emergency saddlery shop drive for me to get hoof oil), and Nick for coming out in the afternoon to watch. It was a really sunny day, stunning conditions - and I put sunscreen on, but have probably managed to get sunburnt anyway! Tomorrow there is a show over in Masterton that Mum is heading to with Alfie & Gem, and I'm going to sit the day out and give the horses a day off.