December 13, 2009

Feilding A&P

Headed up on Saturday to Feilding A&P in absolutely awful weather. I was considering taking Shante for the led sporthorse classes, but with mud, rain and wind I found my enthusiasm all just ran away at the last minute! So I packed up Neo and Tilly (& Nick as photographer for the day) and headed to Feilding. Mum was bringing Alfie from Masterton too.
Neo had, of course, gotten entirely filthy overnight even though I had him locked up. I was very unimpressed about trying to wash him - he just wasn't getting any cleaner! Such a mudrat. So I did the best he could, and then after a few practise jumps he was covered in mud again anyway! I only entered one class on him, the 1m Table C (he's still not ESNZ registered for the bigger stuff) - but he absolutely blitzed around like a fireball and won it. What a good boy.
Alfie was having his first shot at the new 'riding horse' classes. I think they suit him a bit better than the pure showhack classes - but to be honest, there was a real variety of horses in there (and a very similar lineup to the pleasure classes).
Alfie was only in 2 classes - but picked up ribbons, and amazingly didn't get rained on very much at all! Lucky Alfie. He had no shoes on (needed to be done & farrier couldn't make it out in time, so Mum took them all off) and he was a bit wimpy on his toes, but other than that he went nicely.
Mum also had to ride Tilly for me while I ran around making late entries (as Neo wasn't entered beforehand). She was going to ride Tils in the first class for me, but I ended up making it back just in time, so Mum hopped off and went back to the truck to clean Alfie for his classes.
And I managed to have the worst weather of the day while riding Tilly in the pleasure ring. She went nicely (well, as nicely as they can go in those conditions - while trying to tuck their heads away from the driving rain and wind). She placed in all of her classes too, which was nice.
More rain - honestly, it was so awful! Eventually it dried up, and then the wind strengthened and I think I got blown dry.
Mum headed back to Masterton, while Nick & I stayed to watch Kit & Boyd (used to ride both of them) in some showjumping classes. After that (and some A&P show junkfood) Nick got a lift to Palmerston North to pick up his car which was having some work done, and I headed back home. I must have been really tired from the weather - as I only made it to Waikanae before I had to pull over and have a 10 minute nap in the sleeper cab before continuing on!


FeetNZ said...

How did our wee boy go? What classes did she do?
We still miss him!
You're going to have to register Neo; he's a star.

perfk said...

Kit did 1m-1.05m type classes and went really well! I think I saw a rail, but the ground conditions were pretty wet and slippery. He was behaving really well too :) Always nice to see :)

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