December 19, 2009

Carterton Carnival

Carterton Spring Carnival had been postponed ages ago, and I found out a few days ago that it was on today. My intention was to take Neo for a showjumping class or two - but then I thought that might be a bit of a waste taking the truck over just for one horse. So I hopped in the car this morning with my riding gear & saddle and met Mum up there.
Mum was doing just one flat class on Gem (Open Hunter), so didn't plait or anything like that. I stood around and took pics of them warming up while waiting for things to happen:
The class itself was interesting - no workouts, but they did have a big group gallop which turned a bit amusing as a few horses got full of themselves. Gem came 3rd, and I thought she went really kindly. The pics below are the 'forward canter' to halt transition (which Gem did awesome).
Then I threw my saddle on and had a go at the 80cm (I was the last person to go and almost missed out as the flat classes took so long!). Gem did a super jumpoff - not speedy at all, but good turns and listening to me really well. Ended up winning the class, and we were about 10 seconds ahead of the 2nd placegetter.
Then did the 90cm, but she was starting to feel a bit tired/flat. We had a rail at the last fence in the jumpoff, but can't complain as she was trying really hard and got me out of a couple of spots earlier where I'd misjudged the distance horribly.
Managed to get all done & dusted before the weather got bad too. I will be away next week, so the next show for us won't be until Jan 2010!