October 23, 2007

Waikanae PC ODE

Managed to get into the Training class at Waikanae after being on the waitlist for a few days, so I loaded up the horses and headed up there on Sunday (only Spice competing... I took Silvi just in case someone scratched so I could steal their spot - which didn't happen, unfortunately).

Dressage was a bit of a nightmare overall. Our class was running 50 minutes late, and Spice warmed up well, but just got a little uptight in the arena. Still a fairly tidy test though. And she does such a pretty square halt.

Showjumping was a rush back to the truck to change saddles and then over a few practise fences and straight in (due to the late dressage starts). Our round wasn't the tidiest, but Spice was good. She jumped big over one in a line and I had to pull aside and get my stirrups back before continuing. I need some of that saddle glue stuff!

XC was good. We had a few lookies, but she was a real dude with some of the more technical fences.

And the ramp before the water, then into the water: