October 14, 2007

Western Hills Spring Show

The sun was out for the whole day at Belmont on Saturday for the Western Hills Spring Show. I took both mares and was very pleased with them. Intending to go eventing next weekend and after that they more than deserve a weekend off!
First class was a 2-phase 1m class in showjumping ring 1. Both went clear in the first round and Silvi did an awesome jumpoff, but clipped a rail in the double when we got our stride wrong. Spice took a few easier corners but went clear and came 5th - which was a great effort as there were at least 40 in the class!
Then I took them both over to the showhunter ring for the circuit - 2 nice clear rounds, but unfortunately no placings for us. I decided then that Silvi was feeling a bit tired so popped her back at the truck then did a late entry in the SJ circuit class on Spice.
Spice did a really nice first round - starting to work each other out a bit more! We were the first to go in the jumpoff and she did some neat corners, but we took the last fence a little too cheaply and just tipped the top rail. She still came 6th though, so gets points on the circuit scoreboard!
Spice in the circuit jumpoff:
Silvi SJ & SH:
Spice doing showhunter:
More of Spice SJ:
Thanks to Swifty for taking some video - hopefully I will get off my bum and upload some rounds online in the near future.