November 05, 2006

third show!

Saturday was a pretty long day for everyone involved. 5 hours travel (a huge thanks to Swifty for getting up early and driving 99.8% of the way - though I did have a little drive from Masterton to Carterton on the way back, very brave I reckon). It was a pretty good first eventing outing though - no placing, but I'm happy with how she went.

These are my 2 favourite photos - the last fence in the showjumping, and the bank/corner in the XC (we did the corner option, what a clever pony!).

Warmup for the dressage didn't go too badly. She was good around the other horses. She got a little annoyed with the insects and I think I'll have to start putting repellant on her.

The dressage itself was rather awful. It was beginner test D, and she had absolutely nothing to keep her mind on it and just wasn't listening at all... combine this with her thinking the arena was electric fence and yeah, not a great score. Though she did get and 8 for her canter work.

Showjumping was brilliant. It was her first time doing a course and she really stepped up to the mark. She got on the wrong lead a few times, but came back well and did a very steady clear round.

After being incredibly nappy coming away from the other horses through the start flags, once she got on her way Silvi did a beautiful XC round too. She jumped every fence clear, and was really good about all of the combinations and different things on course (bank, drop, ditch etc). The second photo below is over the last fence which was a really cute little mini palisade.

So we didn't come home with a ribbon, and there are some things to work on, but all up I was really pleased with how she went.