September 09, 2007

Another QEP Training Day

As the truck is away having some work done on it we had to hire a float (huge thanks to Alison!) to take Spice out to QEP again to do some more XC practise. Mum came down to tow & take pictures, and Nick came along to take some pictures and study up on kinds of XC jumps so that we can look at putting 1 or 2 on the farm somewhere to school over at home! It all went pretty well, she certainly doesn't seem to have any problems with the fences - we just need to do a bit more schooling on going nice and straight before heading into some of those tight combinations they seem to throw at you down here in XC courses.
We went around the course picking and choosing fences so Spice didn't have to do heaps of jumping efforts, and it took me about three-quarters of the way around until I started to sort out my lower leg! Still working on it too.
Over the uphill log, and the tabletop:
Over the palisade (oh god, don't look at my toes! we chipped in so bad! - but she looks cute), and the corner:
Over the rolltop after the water, and the full rolltop near the end of the course:
Over a ramp in the back paddock:
There was a showjumping course set up, but only at about 60cms and I wasn't sure if it was going higher or lower as the day progressed - so we decided just to hose Spice down and head home.