February 10, 2008

Te Marua Show

Yesterday we headed down to Te Marua for their show. As I'm giving Scuba a break, I had a spare space in the truck and decided to take Dan for the day out. Everyone loaded well and travelled well which is always a nice start to the day.

Dan coped very well for having just one day of work beforehand. I had to take the spurs off him as he decided they were no fun, and he did put in a cowkick in his workout (in the paced & mannered - of all classes to do it in!). But all-up it was a very good outing for him, and it's motivated me to get more work into him. We entered 3 classes and he came away with 3 ribbons (2nd, 4th & 6th):

Ruby was her usual cute self. We tipped a rail over the big tripple bar in the circuit class - but it was by far the biggest course we've done together, so can't complain. She even got a 4th in the TA2 speed class in Ring1 - speedy Ruby! And a 5th in the big showhunter class:

Neo had a bit of a mixed day which reminded me that he's come such a long way in a short time, and now I do need to be taking it a bit slower and just letting his mind and body catch up with everything. He took exception to a bogey fence in the showjumping (which he later came back and flew over). I was a bit worried that he might be sore - but I think it was just confidence. He went happily around the showhunter, and even had a go at the circuit SJ (biggest course ever for him by quite a bit). Meet the related fences wrong, but once we stopped and came back to a walk, then started over he was happy as. He was getting heaps of air over them, but I could see afterwards that it was that 'green horse' jumping, so I'll take him back down to the 90cm classes for a bit to make sure his confidence is all back where it should be. Super Neo:

Next show for us is Masterton A&P next weekend. Just Ruby and Dan going to that - while everyone else gets some time off from this rock hard ground.