June 04, 2009

Pips toes + Cocos clip

Farrier came by today and did Gem, Kody & Neo for me... and Pippa!! No shoes on at this stage, she's not doing any real work! But got her feet tidied up and hopefully she will be a lot more comfortable now. She was great with the farrier even though she'd not met him before and seems to mostly be over her distrust issues. I am stoked!
Yesterday I started clipping Coco and got one side done before the clippers got a bit warm, so re-started that today and got her finished. She was great for it, just a bit tickly in the armpit!
Tielcey park dressage this weekend - hope my cold/flu goes before then! I don't even think I could memorise my prelim test in the state I'm in, let alone the novice & elem ones.