May 05, 2010

Tielcey Dressage May

Last weekend I headed up to Tielcey Park for the first of their registered winter dressage series. I'd only entered the Saturday (though the show was running over 2 days) as I thought 2 days of dressage might be just a bit too much! Got there nice and early, found my park and unloaded Xev - she was a bit warm from the journey, but not sweated up. I've not clipped her yet, so she can get a bit sweaty if I don't have all the windows open for her.

We had entered 3 tests. 1 at prelim (level 1) and 2 at novice (level 2). It was Xev's first registered dressage competition as we'd entered for the registered stuff at Masterton but didn't end up getting to compete. I was really curious as to how it would go - especially as I am certainly no dressage queen!

Turned out to be a great day though - placed (& grading points) in every class! Stoked with that.

Between our tests sheets, and one of my friends giving some advice, I have some good things to focus on before the next dressage day so we can try and edge our scores up a little bit. I was really pleased to see Xev's test sheets all mention she looked very kind and consistent - which is exactly true too.