June 15, 2010

Something Different

With winter in full-swing the blog has been a bit quiet. I'm not heading out to many shows, and most of my riding is being done under lights in the arena at night (so not really much in the way of photo opportunities). So I thought I'd do an update on what I got up to last weekend - something a bit different! I went and did some car racing for the first time!

The event was an 'autocross', which is really a lot like showjumping. There is a course that you have to learn (with penalties for knocking or displacing any course elements like cones or tyres) and the whole lot is timed. Unlike showjumping you get a lot of turns (I did the course 4 times) and you put your best time forward for placings. I ended up second-to-last! And something like 18 seconds behind the leader... certainly not what I'm accustomed to in speed classes.

Overall it was pretty enjoyable. I really liked watching how lines taken and risks all made similar impacts to what they do in jumpoffs (at least for the people - not me - who were going fast). I will be back at the next one at the end of July. Gotta keep myself busy between shows at Tielcey somehow!

Speaking of - next outing for my lot is the Tielcey Park combined training day this coming Sunday. No eventing starts for me as Xev is staying home - but Coco and Neo will both be jumping (but I'll have my saddle on this time).