December 05, 2010

Education continues

About 18 months ago (March 2009) I started backing Zak. He only had a few rides and only at the walk. Since then he has been over in the Wairarapa eating and growing - his handling has been limited to mostly regular drenching, trims & having his rugs changed. So last night when I went to pick him up I wasn't sure what to expect. He loaded pretty well on the float - needed to see the bum ropes but then walked straight on, and travelled really well.
Today I thought I would see how much he remembered. He wanted to have a good sniff of the saddle, and had a little bit of a worry when I did the girth up - but then worked out it wasn't going to kill him so just went back o sleep. He was perfect to put the boots on as well. I decided against the bridle as it was so awfully windy I didn't want to take ages to get things done.
He was good to tighten his girth up, and was very keen to follow me. Had a bit of a panic when a rogue plastic bag came flying towards him (and henceforth was not that keen on that particular corner of the arena). But really he didn't do anything wrong. Very impressed with him.
He also fits the rug I bought for him perfectly (thankfully). So he is in a 4'9" while Neo is in a 4'6" - poor Neo, how shameful!
A good start to things, will do some more groundwork on him over the week, and if all goes well - hopefully hope aboard next weekend if I can get a helper (just in case of any problems).

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