February 11, 2007

ashhurst sports

What a day! All the way out to Te Marua the day before to get her feet trimmed and then up at 4am (including Mum and Nick) to get horse loaded. Loaded in the pitch black, she loaded beautifully too). Long drive to Ashhurst - maybe just a shade over 2 hours. Unload horse and get her beautiful, do my entries, get on - and she's lame. Probably a combination of the absess she had about a week ago which has burst, but was big, so still has some healing to do, along with being trimmed the day before and then standing on the truck for so long. But man, what a disappointment. She looked nice too:

So we loaded back up and drove right back home. At least the truck had a really good run - I hear that's good for them?