February 04, 2007

pauatahanui show

Was a really long day, with most things running behind schedule. But a pretty good day too - horses loaded and travelled perfectly. Swifty drove the truck, which was good - as I was pretty tired by the hometime.

My first class ended up being on Ora's horse, Newsboy. We went in the speed class in ring 1 - it was my first time competing him, and the first time I'd ridden him was the day before over 2 fences... so we probably looked rather uncoordinated. But he was good and tried hard to understand what I was asking.

I finally ended up doing showhunter on Silvi. Really bummed out about a spook at one of the strange unpainted ramp fences... but she got quite a shock and jumped the next fence huge! Great lead changes all the way around though, and the right number of strides in every combination. Very happy about all that.

Back on Newsboy for the Circuit showjumping - the first half of our first round was lovely, then we mucked up a distance and never quite recovered... but still went clear. By the jumpoff we had worked each other out pretty well, and ended up placing 3rd.

Then it was Silvi's showjumping (finally! I thought it was going to be my first event!)... she was a superstar. Lovely first round, and so many angles and big brave horse things in the jumpoff. We tapped a rail, so ended up 3rd... but were about 10 seconds ahead of first place. Zoom zoom.

Great to finally get out somewhere again, but very tired by the end of the day.