July 22, 2007

the new boy arrives

Up at 5.30 to drive to Palmerston North, then jump in the truck with Mum and head up to near Waipukarau to see Brenna and get the new horse! Made for a very long day, but luckily the weather was co-operative.

Sadly Spice took a little bit of skin off her leg yesterday, so we couldn't go to Tielcey to compete. Gutted about that - but luckily the injury is a nothing, just didn't want to risk getting it dirty or knocked out jumping. Now I have to wait ages till the next jumping show.

Anyway - the new boy (Junior/Turner/Dan) is about 16.2 perhaps.. he's a 5yo by Danasinga. Pretty bay with a little white on his face, and his show name will be "SugarDaddy". He travelled really well and has settled into his paddock nicely. Tomorrow I intend to put Zak in with him and I can start them both on a fattening regime :)

So - blogs are never complete without photos - so here are some that Mum took for me.
First- the new boy:
Silvi and Zak looking cute, and Spice feeling sorry for herself:
And lastly all the boys and girls meeting each other:
Farrier supposed to be out tomorrow - fingers crossed for nice weather.