July 01, 2007

tielcey park dressage

Up before 5am in the wet and the rain to head up to Tielcey Park for dressage (Dressage, in the rain - I must be going crazy). Mum had come down the night before to drive - and Nick was tasked with looking after Zakky while we were away.

The drive up was wet and cold and took about 2 hours, and by the time we arrived in Palmerston North the weather was no better. But the horses had travelled well and seemed happy enough to much on some hay in their yards while we got ready.

Silvi was first up doing test P, and did a nice test - but just seemed a little sensitive, so we will give her a few weeks off and put some shoes on her little tootsies before she heads out again. I scratched her from her later test, and did a late entry on Spice into another test so as to not lose my entry fees!

Spice was very well behaved, but a little resistant in her head carriage. But she coped with the yucky weather, and the indoor arena with mirrors and all sorts of things like that. Her first test was 2.1 indoors, then back outside into the rain for test P and then 1.5. I think she got better through the day, and it was certainly a really good outing for both horses being the first of the season for us.

If you want to see results and photos you can head to:
There are links for results on the front page, and a tab at the top for the 'gallery' where you can see photos from this season.