November 22, 2007

First ride on Neo

Had Neo out in the hill paddocks today so he could talk to the others over the fence (they were all showing off and trying to impress each other, very cute) - and when I went out a few hours later he came cantering to me from the other end of the paddock (off a drop, over a stream - he better not be getting too many XC ideas into his head!).

The others were all very curious as I took Neo away to go tack him up and have my first ride on him:

I didn't have anyone around to take photos while we were riding, but he was very well behaved. A little spooky/nervy - but as soon as he got his head focused he was really great. Even hopped through the creek and went up and down the driveway to see what was going on in the big wide world. After the ride it was time for cuddles and a feed: